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Tour 2021

Dance Limerick is proud to present a Dance Double Bill of new works by renowned choreographers this August, inviting audiences to come together and experience the joy of live dance once again. They Started Chanting Too by David Bolger (IRL), and Gafa Cois Farraige by Lucyna Zwolinska (PL/DE), will tour Limerick, Longford and Dublin as part of STEP UP 2021.

They Started Chanting Too by David Bolger. As the world reopens and our right to gather is reinstated, we ask what are our hopes for the future? What will our dance be about? Six bright young dance artists explore personal narratives, articulating their stories as images of protest emerge. The answers transform into a physical score that drives the narrative forward and emerges into a kaleidoscope of hope, dreams, and an energetic future.

Gafa Cois Farraige is a new contemporary dance piece by Lucyna Zwolinska. The work is inspired by the lighthouse as a symbol of loneliness but also hope, something that follows us during the ebb and flow of our lifetime. In the Buddhist tradition, all things are considered as either evolving from, or dissolving into, nothingness. This “nothingness” is not empty space. It is rather a space of potentiality. ‘If the seas represent potential, then each thing is like a wave arising from it and returning to it. There are no permanent waves. There are no perfect waves. At no point is a wave complete, even at its peak. Nature is seen as a dynamic whole that is to be admired and appreciated.’

During this year’s tour, Step Up will premiere the dance film Amergin by Luke Murphy, created with the 2020 project participants on location in West Cork. Amergin will be screened prior to the Project Arts Centre performances in Dublin.

Tour Schedule

Dance Limerick | 7pm | Wednesday 25 August | Book here.
Backstage Theatre, Longford | 8pm | Thursday 26 August | Book here
Project Arts Centre, Dublin | 5pm & 8pm | Saturday 28 August | Book here


Photo credit Shane Serrano

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