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Rocio Dominguez, Katrina Galvin, Mintesinot Getachew, Rebecca Lee, Evgenia Sizmina and Kathy Young. 

Guest Choreographers & Teachers

New work choreographer Catherine Young, repertoire choreographers John Scott and Daniel Squire (for MinEvent by Merce Cunningham) and teachers Kevin Coquelard, Megan Kennedy, Monica Munoz Marin and Laura Macken.


Every Gesture by John Scott is a movement statement for six unique individuals, sharing a space and a need to move, creating new dance conversations. 

MinEvent by Merce Cunningham (Arranged & staged by Daniel Squire). A MinEvent is an uninterrupted sequence of excerpts drawn from the work of Merce Cunningham. Each MinEvent is unique, and is designed to suit the particular space in which it is presented. This MinEvent was arranged and staged by Daniel Squire expressly for Step Up Dance. Choreography by Merce Cunningham © Merce
Cunningham Trust. All rights reserved.

I Call To You by Catherine Young follows on from the past 2 year's of Catherine's work with asylum seekers and refugees, but now looking from her own perspective instead of theirs. Frustration & sorrow set in as does a real sense of the magnitude of it all, as friends face deportation and other friends are detained for trying to help. What hurts them ultimately hurts us, we are all connected. This piece is for all those who stand, for Sean Binder, Sarah Mardini and Vehash Mansoor.

For once you see, you cannot un-see, once you know, you cannot un-know.
There is always something you can do.
Look. See. Act. Stand.
I call to you.

Production Credits


Every Gesture

Choreography: John Scott

Music: Brian Hogan


Choreography: Merce Cunningham

Music: John King


I Call To You

Choreography: Catherine Young

Music: Martin Scharer, Michelle O’Rourke & Garrett Shouldice

Sound Design: Fiona Sheil

Poem: Excerpt from "Some" by Daniel Berrigan


Costume Designer
Arran Murphy


Producer: Jenny Traynor

Production Manager: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin

Production Assistants: Michael Carmody, Ciarán Woulfe

Marketing & Communications: Emer Casey

Promo Photography: Maurice Gunning

Video: Lucy Dawson, Shane Vaughan


Dance Limerick on 6 September

Firkin Crane, Cork on 7 September

DanceHouse, Dublin on September

Step Up 2018 photo Maurice Gunning.jpg
Step Up-6.jpg
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