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Sarah Greene, Celina Jaffe, Niamh Kelly, Oran Leong and Bianca Paige Smith. 

Guest Choreographer & Teachers

Choreographers Gary Clarke (new work), Marguerite Donlon (repertoire) and teachers Justine Cooper, Gavin Coward, Aya Kobayashi and Maria Nilsson Waller.


Choreographed by award winning choreographer Gary Clarke, RAVENOUS is a dance theatre show which takes inspiration from the illegal rave culture of the 1990’s where derelict warehouses and industrial dark-lands became the home for a gathering community of outsider youths.


Drawing influence from the movement of the dance floor and using thunderous music from iconic music masters such as The Prodigy and Mogwai, the 5 dancers of Step Up dive head first into a hedonistic landscape of politics and partying.

Production Credits

Choreographer: Gary Clarke
Produced by: Dance Limerick
Director, Dance Limerick: Jenny Traynor
Rehearsal Directors: Aya Kobayashi, Maria Nilsson Waller
Teachers: Justine Cooper, Gavin Coward, Aya Kobayashi, Maria Nilsson Waller
Lighting Design/Production Manager: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin
Production Assistants: Micheal Carmody, Sean McIntyre, Ciarán Woulfe
PR & Publicity: Emer Casey
Poster Image & PR Photography: Maurice Gunning
Production Photography & Filming: Lucy Dawson

Step Up 2017 Ravenous
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