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Millie Daniel-Dempsey, Sibéal Davitt, Lisa Hogan, Emily Kilkenny Roddy and Rachel Sheil.

Guest Choreographer & Teachers

Choreographer Lea Anderson and teachers Kevin Coquelard, Eleanor Perry, Anna Pons Carrera and Catherine Young.



Inspired by superstars of dance, sport, screen and pop, Snapshot is a portfolio performance of short pieces which have emerged from an intense research period, analysing and sampling movement from footage and photos. Assuming the role of dance historian, the choreographer and dancers have compiled, collated and confounded source material from iconic figures as diverse as Michael Jackson and Muhammed Ali to Martha Graham and Marilyn Monroe. The result is a fascinating coming together of styles, rhythm and drama in a captivating dance theatre experience.

Production Credits

Choreographer: Lea Anderson

Produced by Dance Limerick

Director, Dance Limerick: Jenny Traynor

Musical Director: Steve Blake

Rehearsal Directors: Eleanor Perry, Anna Pons Carrera
Lighting Design/Production Manager: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin Technical Assistant: Kerrie Ahern

Production Assistants: Mike O’Brien, Ciarán Woulfe

PR & Publicity: Maeve Butler

Poster Image & PR Photography: Maurice Gunning

Production Photography: Lucy Dawson

Filming: Lucy Dawson, Mike O’Brien

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