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Amy Robyn Lyster, Hayley Cunningham, Jessie Keenan, Marion Cronin and Olwyn Lyons.

Guest Choreographer & Teachers

Choreographer Hélène Cathala and teachers Jazmin Chiodi, Philip Connaughton and Lisa McLoughlin.


Hopscotch, choreographed by Hélène Cathala, explores the predicament of five individuals caught in a game where the rules are constantly changing. Confronting the reality of being part of a group, they ask: How do we deal with rules? How can we trick each other? How can we survive? Do we struggle or surrender? Although childish and sometimes unreasonable, the rules of the game reveal a framework which could be a metaphor for our lives: Games can turn to cruelty and a playground can become a battlefield, but with the but with the start of each new game, joy and energy re-appear.

Production Credits

Produced by Dance Limerick
Director, Dance Limerick: Jenny Traynor
Assistant to the Choreographer: Jazmin Chiodi
Lighting Design/Production Manager: Gearóid O hAllmhuráin
Sound/Operator: Kerrie Ahern
Graphic Design: Maeve Butler
Photography: Maurice Gunning
Filming: Lucy Dawson & Nora Rodriguez



Dance Limerick on 6 August

Firkin Crane, Cork on 7 August

DanceHouse, Dublin on 8 August


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