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Ailish Maher (Ire), Aifric Ni Chaoimh (Ire), Marion Cronin (Ire), Magda Herzak (Ire/ Pol), Juan Urbina (Ven/ Ire), Adam Faillul and Murni Omar (Mal/ Ire).

Guest Choreographer

Michael Keegan-Dolan of Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre and now Teac Damsa.


Crom Dubh (Black and crooked one) is the name given to the largest stone in a circle of one hundred and thirteen stones that have stood for the last 3000 years at Lough Gur, County Limerick. Crom Dubh is the pre-Christian, pre-Celtic God, a God of seed and harvest and a God of fertility. 

In our work over the last 5 weeks, we explored many opposites, dark and light, happiness and sadness, comedy and tragedy, and so forth. We practised Shadow Yoga every morning before breakfast. During the day we focused on simple rhythmic movements; working with our voices to sound, to sing and to speak. 

We worked with many gifted musicians, developing our listening, musicality and sensitivity. We explored banjo music and its origins in West Africa and how it connects, Africa with America and with Ireland. 

We looked at dance as an act of healing and explored its potential to heal, both practitioner and observer. We worked with creating characters and explored how this can facilitate creativity and freedom 
We danced outside and in. We visited Lough Gur and climbed Mount Brandon in Kerry together.

We almost always worked in a circle like the stone circle at Lough Gur. We worked to develop our qualities of integrity, clarity and sensitivity. 

We offer some of the material we uncovered in our process. 

Choreography by Michael Keegan-Dolan 

Fabulous Beast Company Members: Anna Kaszuba, Eric Nevin, Ino Rig, Louise 
Music by Paddy Kiernan & Dave Idioh 



Dance Limerick on 8 August

Firkin Crane, Cork on 9 August

DanceHouse, Dublin on 11 August

Step Up 2014
Step Up 2014
Step Up 2014
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